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New Song!

2009-05-29 21:00:42 by TomBanks /241056

Dookiemaister's Illustration

2008-07-24 20:37:59 by TomBanks

Dookiemaister did a cool caricature of me - check out his others in this forum thread.

Dookiemaister's Illustration

In the time between summer semesters I wrote some lyrics for Syntrus' Electric Nipple Clamps

Electric Nipple Clamps - the masterfully crafted Syntrus song with vocals by TomBanks

Before I die, I'd like to fly
up to the moon so high in the sky.

Gravity can't hold me here,
the fumes of the dead will take me there.

I'll tear the skin I've been put in,
I'll free my soul from flesh again.

Reverse this bond's polarity
and sail the sea of energy.

Music blends my soul and skin,
don't let my reality dim.

Interfere with ripples in air
to soothe my mind and end my fear.

Change the waves that hold my place,
rearrange the way I fluctuate.

I can build with years of skill
monstrous beasts of mechanical will.

Take what's ours with us to Mars
and build outside our inside hearts.

When I rest I become a mess;
help me to electrify my chest.

New Recording - Electric Nipple Clamps!

New Song: Lauren

2008-06-22 11:48:24 by TomBanks

Hey - wrote a little song about this girl I see around campus.

Guitar Challenge - June Matrix

2008-06-14 21:41:29 by TomBanks /151000

Hey, check out my submission for the Guitar Challenge - been working on it between ME 201 tests.